Birthday Parties


Select 1 or more from the options below and complete the attached form.

Birthday Party Request Form

OPTION 1Village Entry only

Adult – $5

Child $3

OPTION 2 – Village Package

$12 per child Includes:

Village Entry for 1 child
1 Horse and carriage ride
1 Mini Train ride
1 Mixed Lolly Bag
1 Bag of Animal Feed

OPTION 3 – Hot Munchies

$10 per child Includes:

1 Party Pie
1 Party Sausage Roll
2 Chicken Nuggets
Hot Chips
Drink (Juice – Popper)

OPTION 4 – Wanted Poster

$3.50 per child Wanted Poster of Group for each child
Hats and guns supplied (price does not include full costume).
Minimum order of 6 posters
$5 discount on any other photographic service purchased by family or friends on the day.

OPTION 5 – Photography Package

Birthday child to be given a camera for 1 hour to take photos around the Village with friends/family.
One A4 size photo, montage or groupd, printed in your choice of colour, black and white or sepia.
All photos taken to be placed on a CD or memory stick supplied by the General Store.
Total cost: $65 (+$35 refundable deposit on camera).

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